HANNAH HEER was born in Vienna. She is a multifaceted filmmaker and artist, who is working in a variety of media, including film, video, media-art, installation, photography and cinematography.

Hannah Heer came to prominence in the 1980s, when she was a pioneer Director of Photography on independent feature films. Based in New York City, she was invited to photograph such independent classics, like SUGARBABY(1985) in Munich, directed by Percy Adlon, starring Marianne Sägebrecht, DECODER (1983), in Hamburg, directed by Muscha and Klaus Maeck, DOG’s NIGHT SONG (1982), in Budapest, directed by Gábor Bódy and SUBWAY RIDERS (1979-81), in New York City, directed by Amos Poe, a film which she also produced.

Hannah Heer interprets cinematography as “Painting with Light” and she transcends the story into visuals through lighting and camera movements.



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